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Natura CBD is a company born in the state of Colorado, thanks to the effort and dedication of a team of dreamers who made possible the creation of of a natural & organic line of Hemp oil extract products with the highest quality and therapeutic components that will help to find the perfect balance in our bodies.

Today, we feel proud looking back and seeing the great work, effort, persistence and dedication that has made our dream come true; to bring and offer the highest quality and purity of CBD products on the market, 100% natural and elaborated from Cannabis Sativa plants harvested in our farms located in Grand Junction-Colorado.

Every successful testimony, every happy customer, every person with positive results fills us with immense satisfaction and reminds us of our commitment to the excellence.


The innate powers of natural medicine, the revolutionary growth of successful testimonials and the support from scientific studies that reveal the potent benefits behind CBD oil as a natural and therapeutic treatment.

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 The properties of the Cannabis plant have been used for many centuries to treat several illnesses. In some civilizations, for example in China, India, Egypt and the Middle East, old papyrus records have shown the cananbis plant like a remedy used to alleviate different kind of diseases and symptomatologies. 

In Natura CBD, we believe extensively in the therapeutic and healing properties of Cannabis Oil, and we are pleased to present a line of products that will meet the medicinal needs of thousands of patients around the world, in a natural way and without experiencing the adverse side effects of the conventional medicine.